Dates Announced: “The Walls” on the Road


Taking “The Walls” on the Road! Six performances coming up in the next two months: Potsdam NY, Portland OR, Long Island NY, New York City, Lyon, Dijon and Paris! Dates and ticket info below.

For more information about the Mother’s Day Portland performance, please visit:

On Mother’s Day, May 12th, Grammy Award winner William Kanengiser of the LAGQ will perform the PNW debut of The Walls, a new concerto for guitar with guitar orchestra (PSU Guitar Orchestra). This is the first piece of a series of new guitar compositions in The Diaspora Project conceived by William Kanengiser and Sergio Assad (of the Duo Assad/Assad Brothers) in early 2017. This project was borne out of the artists’ need to do something “to stem the rising tides of fear and hatred” as well as the “ increasing drumbeats of tribalism and nationalism echoing around the world” brought on by recent political events. They thought that only creativity and music with its universality can quell these destructive forces, and reflect on the migrant-refugee experience. The Walls, will take you on a musical journey through mankind’s four most infamous walls - The Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, the Berlin Wall, and the West Bank Wall in Jerusalem. An epilogue entitled, No More Walls, is a musical commentary on the supposed exigency of these physical boundaries to migration and cultural assimilation.